Our youth consists of young people of different ages.
Our meetings take place every second Saturday, usually at the church or in the brothers' homes.
In these meetings we sing and pray to the Lord, followed by discussion regarding issues that concern young people or problems they face in their daily lives.
All of this is discussed and answered through the Word of God that gives the answer to all our questions.

in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2: 3

Among the activities of the youth are:

  • Excursions.
  • Visits to sister churches.
  • Joint gatherings with other young people.


...“…I have written to you, young men, Because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, And you have overcome the wicked one.” 1 John 2:14

Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost (FACP) in Brussels

Tel:+32 487 65 32 03
Hector Henneaulaan 144
1930 Zaventem

Service hours

Friday: 20.30 - 21.30
Sunday: 11.00 - 12.30

Free entrance

In the church you can attend gospel sermons in English, Albanian, French and Romanian language.